Updated Wiring Diagrams for Control Units

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I updated my wiring plans for my handheld controller, ServoDog and related gear. I had an existing controller that I used with the ServoDog, then repurposed on an remote fireworks ignition project (more on that later). I would like to reuse it as a component instead of rewiring it every time.

6-channel handheld controller


  • I can change the FireBoard wiring if need be. The ServoDog wiring is fixed, I can't change it, so the controller has to follow that lead.
  • RJ-45 connectors and Cat5 cabling limit the number of conductors.
  • FireBoard will want power thru the Cat-5 so that reduces the available conducter count.
  • Controller needs to act as either power distributor (for FireBoard) or simple SPST multiple switch box.

Fireboard needs power and 6 signals. ServoDog needs a ground and 6 signals. Golden.

The result:

 Handheld Controller

The device on the other end will be design to connect to power or ground.

ServoDog with Relay outputs

The video controller have 8 simple unpowered switches for input. ServoDog has 7 Digital I/O (5vdc) outs.  I need to hook these together. I found a 4 channel DIO relay board (C36) for a good price to do the conversion. I expect the ServoDog/Relay combo will be used in the future so I want to box them together. The video controller will have a life of it's own as well. I want to use Cat-5 for cabling.


  • 6 inputs
  • RJ-45 in
  • 7 outputs
  • RJ-45 out

I paired 2 relay boards with shared power and ground to the output of the ServoDog. 1 relay output is N/C. No prob. It means 1 trigger on the video controller is N/C. Again, no prob.

The result:


Video Controller

I want to use Cat-5 for cabling. 8 input triggers (simple switches)


  • 8 inputs
  • RJ-45 in

OK, so I can't provide 8 inputs, only 7. No worries, that'll be enough. Trival design

The result:


I just realised I should have terminated the right side inside the drawing instead of on the edge. Oops.

These combinations of designs allow me to use the Hand Controller with the ServoDog, the FireBoard, and the VideoController without rewiring anything. Triiger 1 on the Video Controller is not accessable by the Hand Controller though. I'll live.


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