Tatoos, Bumper Stickers, and Magnets (Oh my!)

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I hate bumper stickers. I hate tattoos. I hate piercings. I hate them all for the same reason: they are relatively permanent.

I need to modify the thought a little bit here. I hate all of those things on me and my stuff. My attention span is short, my memory is long, and some of my views change over time. I do not want to lock myself into an expression that I will get bored with long before I can get rid of the expression. All of those forms of expression have what I consider to be removal difficulties.

As far as other people are concerned, I love reading their bumper stickers; I love looking at their tattoos; I love looking at their piercings. I understand the desire (or need) to express or to set one’s self apart. I applaud the expression. I especially love when the expression is done intelligently and creatively. That is art. Of course I reserve the right to not agree with the expression and I may think the art is rather bad (but you are welcome to make a fool of yourself; after all, nobody can do it better).

I do like window clings, magnets, wild makeup, unusual clothing, and body paint. That may seem to be an odd combination, but those forms can be used to convey most of the same expressions as the forms previously listed. The difference is that nobody has to know that I supported <insert losing politician here>  6 years ago.

So, when Wife (a certified, registered, and licensed Disneyphile (references available on request)) showed me a stylized set of Mickey Ears for the back of her Urban Assault Vehicle, I was less than thrilled when I realized that they used a permanent adhesive tape for attachment. Despite what Wife would say, I really do try to comply with her wishes and make her happy. If she wants a cool logo on her vehicle, I’ll do what I can to minimize my objections. She suggested magnets. At first I rejected the idea for a number of reasons but then I started to think about the implementation more and thought I would give it a shot. I told her to buy 2 in case I screwed up the first one.

I love rare earth magnets. I am amazed at how strong they are. I am more amazed at how available and cheap they are. I stock pile rare earth magnets from Harbor Freight (http://www.harborfreight.com/10-piece-rare-earth-magnets-67488.html).

Looking at the logo, it appears that I can peel or tear away the original tape strip (or maybe even leave it, just not expose the adhesive), drill a few counter-sinks for the magnets and Gorilla Glue the magnets in. Maybe cover the magnets with a few pieces of repair tape to reduce paint scuffing and I think it will be workable. More later.

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